Monday, April 7, 2008


Posted by Dori Nottingham

So in looking for a video the other night I wrote down my top three I wanted to rent. I absolutely hate walking around the video store so I always decide before I get there. Much to my disappointment everything that I wanted to rent was unavailable. (that's a Friday night for you) A manager approached me and I told him my situation and I asked if he knew of any good movies. I told him I wanted something good and not rated R. His eyes rolled to the side and he patted his chin and he went and got one for me.

"Stardust" I said. I've never heard of that.
He said, "it's pretty much got everything in it. You have comedy, drama, action, romance...all the classics to a great movie."
I looked at the box and dismissed it immediately. "Nope....It has a airborne boat and wizards. I'm not into fantasy."
"I guarantee you'll like he told me. I guarantee five free movies if you don't. "
This of course got my attention. "Are you sure I'll like it?" I asked again hesitantly.
"Five free movies that you will."

Since now this is turning into a story and It's obvious I don't do quotation marks...Here's the end. I rented it. I was so unexcited I didn't even watch it the first night. The second night my husband reminded me. We put in and during the first scene I was regretting it. However...Here is the But...I wasn't that bad. I maybe even liked it. It exceeding my expectations. It made you feel good. I'm impressed with the Manager at Blockbuster. He recommended something he knew I would like. It's not all that often that that happens.

I had never heard of it but it definitely has big names in it. Michelle Pfifer, Robert Deniro, Claire Danes, and a really lovable main character I'd never heard of. I'd recommend it as good entertainment. I was pleasantly surprised.

The sad news...I won't be getting those five free movies after all.


hsjacobus said...

I've probably looked at the movie a dozen times and thought maybe and then nah. Now I'll have to watch it.