Thursday, September 4, 2008

Win Me...another give-away

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I have a vision and a plan of what I want to do with the giveaways that I do. I've had it for a while but haven't figured out how to implement it. So I guess it will be trial and error that I figure it out. However this will be the first giveaway that I really want to make my idea soar. Life is awesome and I want people to be able to share their thoughts and ideas since mine are soooooo limited. I'm inspired by others....their thoughts, their talents, and even their differences across the board. So I'm trying to encourage the reasons and goals I've had in starting this blog in the first place. To share life's' joys, inspire laughter, share struggles, invite inspiration and to learn from our experiences together. A broad vision, yes, but I'm a hippy kind of gal who envisions singing kum-by-ya with my neighbor :0) So here it goes....if you have any questions let me know

When I was first married somebody (Melissa Hassel to be exact) gave us a wedding present called the Tightwad gazette. It was a book on how to save money and be thrifty. One of the ideas in the book was to wash your plastic bags, yes the disposable ones, and reuse them again and again until they were worn. I had never heard of such a thing and thought it was kinda odd to have Ziploc in the dishwasher and over the faucet to dry and dismissed it the idea.......until I became cheaper myself.

Recycling is something I've always truly believed in and it just makes sense. It's exemplifies efficiency. Even if you don't go along with the Global Warming theory recycling is good for the world. From the landfills to your conscience...everything body and everything wins. I always support products and ideas that do. Now the transition to the giveaway........patience is a virtue I know.

These bracelet are made with recycled material and are so fun. My little son wears a bracelet that says ZOOM which is his nickname and he gets comments all the time. My bracelet gets changed all the time to represent my feelings of the moment. I have the blue cuff which has ranged from messages that read 'Hillary for Prez' to 'no chcolate for dori pleeeaase!'. To see more about the bracelets go to the link for info and colors.

After being totally long winded..........Here's the goal. I would like all interested in receiving a free eco bracelet to leave a comment with their favorite reusable or recycling idea. My goal is to get 2o comments so please pass on the word for the cause (remember my vision). It can be anything relating to something that you might fix, reuse, or that you have made from materials no longer in use.....or anything that you do. Does that make sense? If not just let me know. I'm all about feedback. Don't forget....your comment needs to be green to qualify ( I can just imagine what my brothers will think).

Winner will be annouced on Friday, September 12th. Winner must claim their prize by the 15th.


MJ said...

I have always washed out my bages since I can remeber, I guess my Mother did it also.
I save my bacon grees and other grees in a canning bottle and use it again and again so it dosen't go down the drain or in the trash.
My Mother did this and when I was young we lived on a ranch and made our own butter and boiled down fat to make lard. I don't do that now, but would like to go back to basic's more.

Susan said...

I was a proud recycling mama the other day when our family went over to a friend's house who doesn't recycle. She said that two of my kids who were at her house a previous day had asked were to put empty soda cans and when she said she doesn't recycle they both were shocked and gave her the riot act!! My good little recyclers!

I also, to my husband and kids dismay (they hate to get stuck washing them out when it's their turn to do the dishes), wash out ziplock bags. My Grandma did it and so do I with PRIDE!!


Paul said...

Hey Dori, thought I would post a comment relating to your topic. Yeah I am on the fence of the global warming or cyclic nature trend...but I still like the idea of recycling when possible. With that I love this idea:

Books and Magazines

The amount of paper used in these industries is overwhelming, so make the most out of the books and magazines you read. School and public libraries are the ultimate recyclers of books and magazines. They are reused over and over, so instead of rushing out to buy every new book, consider joining your local public library and save a few trees. If you have to buy, try using an online used book company like Powell's Books in Portland. Largest used book store in the world. You can find them easily online, and they ship very quickly. You can also join or create a reading circle with book discussions or merely create your own smaller library service between friends and neighbors, by passing the books around instead of buying multiple copies. It saves resources and money. If you have a magazine subscription, when you are done with those, see if your local schools, daycares, senior homes, hospitals[my favorite] and so forth might like the magazines you have finished with. You may have piles of children's books your children have outgrown that are just gathering dust . Schools, childcare programs, even local neighborhood children may be thrilled to receive your donations. You could contribute to a child's education or love of reading that way.

Anyway there is my idea...
Take care!
Paul of Bend OR
PS Tay and Jo say Hi!

DKN said...

I, like you, think caring for the earth is an excellent and necessary idea, although I don't know how to make this font green. I do my part by not driving my car when I can ride my bike. And, after reaching my destination, when I'm ready to return home, I hop on my bike and re-cycle back.

abby said...

I now use my own bags at the grocery store (when I remember them)...hurray for me! I also use (sometimes) cloth diapers on my baby. I'm not nearly as good as I should be with either of my eco-friendly attempts, but I'm trying! This is my first post ever Dori, you should be proud of me. :)

Neil said...

Rain Barrels are the best! It keeps your summer watering bill down to managability

Ida said...

Use it up!
Wear it out!
Make it do,
or do without!
Recycling Idea:
Stop going to the store and with creativity, find what you are looking for within the walls of your own home.
(my first blog..can't find "green".

Amy said...

Instead of buying a plastic grocery bag holder from target or someother place, I shove my plastic bags in an empty tissue box and store the box in one of my kitchen drawers. Its so handy! :)