Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sentimental Help Please

Posted by Dori Nottingham

When I was a senior in High School, my boyfriend gave me a Mickey Mouse coloring book and crayons. It was cute, it was sweet, and he was 100% my first love. While going through boxes to get rid of junk I came across the coloring book. I looked through and found the one of Micky and Minnie that he colored with our names written in a heart. I also found a few more that took me back to memory lane.
So here is my problem. I'm having a hard time throwing it away. I totally had forgotten that I had it and wouldn't have ever given it a second thought so why am I wanting to squirrel it away again. HELLO!!! This is where I need a friend at my side to just rip the book in half and say it's worth nothing.

Why do we hold on tight to such insignificant, sentimental items? I laugh and am reminded of how simple life was. I know what I should do with it but I'll wait just in case anyone tells me I such keep it for the next 2o years :)


Julie Walker said...

keep it forever. put it in one of those photo boxes. hang it above your bed. does that help make you wanna chuck it?

tracey said...

Awww... I am TOTALLY sentimental. I hate throwing things away too. Could you just rip the one page out and scrapbook the page with your high school memories?

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep it. There is nothing wrong with hanging on to stuff like that. One day it will be really fun for your kids to see and realize that mom was young once too. I love looking at my moms old letters and trinkets from her high school days. It lets me see a side of her that I didnt know before.

MJ said...

Keep it. I keep a box for me - that has stuff from my past and I also keep one for each child and put stuff from them in it. I go thru them once in a while and really enjoy it. I use one of the Avon boxes, they work wonderful. When their father died I went thru the box and made them a memory book.