Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scale 'whoas'

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So this morning, I got down to business and with my diet attempts recently....I stepped on the scale. I try to do this every time I am completely naked (I was going to say butt-naked but then that would start the argument that it is actually buck naked instead) and am getting in the shower. I've been trying to do this everyday because I really believe that the scale is your friend and because I like the motivation or self loathing desire to keep on going.

This morning I hopped on and it politely told me I weighed 3 pounds less than I did yesterday morning. I smiled internally and said to myself, "who says you have to give up chocolate." But then I came to my senses and hopped off. I banged my foot on the scale (it's electronic) and slowly crept on again. WHOA!! Dang it.....I had just lost two more pounds in 15 seconds. That means...somethings wrong. I hit the scale with my foot as hard as possible and then hopped on with all my vigor. Up it went to what I normally could expect. No miracles had happened after all. My trusted friend had lied.

As I got off and thought about weighing myself the fourth time. The thought crossed me......you are obsessed and have a poor body image. I'm looking for a number for ratification. My attitude for the day is derived from how I feel when I see the number. I didn't weight myself for the fourth time. I just decided to give up chocolate for the day and see if I can keep the number off. Oh, the games we play with ourselves.

I'm happy knowing that I weight one pound less than I did yesterday. That inspires me to keep going and lose this dang baby weight.


ktb said...

Sorry but I have to share my thoughts - I'm trying to be intuitive. Read here.

ktb said...

oh and it is BUCK!

Fern said...

This is the very reason I do not own a scale! I KNOW that I would obsess over my weight even more than I do now... if that is possible!

hsjacobus said...

I've been going more for measuring lately (tape measure). I don't seem to be losing a single pound in my efforts, but I am losing inches. My tape measure doesn't malfuntion either so that's nice. I talked to Tracey about the walking group. If I can ever get my behind up that early on Saturdays I should go.

Tracey said...

I hate the scale. I did not have one for years, but when my clothes were getting tighter I wanted to know just how much tighter. Now that I have a scale I use it, and it is so depressing. It really is such a game you play with yourself.