Monday, October 13, 2008

A short week thanks to Chris

Posted by Unknown

Happy Columbus Day to the new world! Or rather to be political correct now days I believe it's called Discovery Day (or in Berkeley it's called Indigenous Peoples Day). Whatever the day is called I believe the mail is not delivered and my personal bank will be closed. Since some may have the day off I'll keep it short and call it a holiday myself. I'll celebrate by eating pizza and Coca Cola. Without him, I might still be in England drinking tea and eating crumpets.


Cat said...

Here in Canada, it's thanksgiving! Even if my family doesn't formaly celebrate it, I still have been thinking of all I am greatful for. Have a nice day off!

Dori said...

How could I leave that out. Happy Thanksgiving all Canandians!

Amy said...

Tea and crumpets...hee hee. :)