Friday, April 4, 2008

Posted by Dori Nottingham

How many of you buy things off the internet? I recently made my frist purchase from I usually am the touchy-feely kind of person but was able to recently buy a necklace and be satisfied with what I bought. I wasn't even planning on buying but saw something for just seven dollars and voila.....I have a new necklace. I surfed around the site and was totally depressed that I'm so untalented but loved the site and all that was available. As I mentioned before I love talented people!! I also love giving money to the average Jane verses a corporation. It was way funny than ebay knowing that everything was handcrafted and maybe I'll just end up there again some day. Deanna Hood from HoodArtworks is the creator of my new necklace.


hsjacobus said...

It is a great site. The lady at Postal Connections told me about it and I notice recently our paper did a big article on it. Way cute necklace!

camzant said...

The link on the post doesn't work! I'll have to type it in!!! Good thing. I probably won't go to the trouble, and that's ok because I don't have $ to buy anything adorable that I might see.