Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I bought a scarf a few years ago and it is my absolute favorite.  Everybody who sees it instantly picks it up, admires it and then asks me if I made it myself.  They ask me because they see how little talent is required to make this hip and eclectic scarf.  And I'm sure the required talent is why I decided to give these as Christmas gifts this year.

Wool roving, ribbon (of course), and 30 year old yard my grandmother had around the house have instantly made my gift giving so much fun already.   This braided scarf, yes just a braid will sure to keep you warm and give you compliments.  Make one yourself or buy one from me.  I still have extra yarn

It's an easy, can be quite expensive, sometime tangling, but oh so very cute.  Wouldn't you agree?


Julie Walker said...

my friend will WANT one of these so bad, she'll die for it. i went to your web site but couldn't find it. cute. good job.

Dori said...

I put three on Etsy and one sold. However she was in England and I really don't want to fill out a customs slip. However check it out and let me know.