Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So today is a day I'm lighter (weight less) than I have in about three years! Can I just tell you how that makes me want to scream yippee from the top of my lungs from a little hillside. I'm not sure how it has happened truthfully because all I have eaten for the past three days are indeed chocolate chip cookies! It must be the fact that it's summer time and who wants to be cooking in the kitchen. Maybe it's the fact I'm poor and spending a lot less money on groceries. Or maybe it's the result of hard work for the past two years of trying to lose this dang baby weight and my body is giving me a bone. Whatever it is I'll take it. I'll take it and the next three as well, and if vanity comes to me I'll keep working on that additional five for the sake the good old days in college.

Now.....if only I could get rid of the baby belly-saggy skin, muffin tops, and stretch marks. Ahhh the medals of motherhood. Maybe I'll appreciate them more when Zoom is out of the terrible twos :)


MJ said...

Go Girl - you are fabulous.

Cat said...

Good for you! I know you have worked hard so yipee for you!
As for terrible 2s, I would enjoy them because terrible 3 are bad and they tell me that F...ing four are worse...
Good luck!