Monday, March 9, 2009

Industrial Salvage here we go

Posted by Dori Nottingham

A few years ago 'cottage salvage' was the in thing. Distressed furniture painted white with old window frames hung on the wall. It was cute and I loved the recycling on old things into good.

Now it's the recycling of old industrial items that is swinging for the mighty dollar. At the flea market yesterday I ran into two amazing tables for the 1920's. They both sold for $400 plus and were truly one of a kind. The picture below sells for much much more. If I could upload from my phone I'd show you the ones I liked. However these will give you the idea of what 'architectural salvage' is.

A new store called Cleveland Art just opened in Los Angeles and I can't wait to go preview it. They are doing exactly what I would like to do. Check it out for more of their industrial furniture. Big Daddy's Antiques is another retailer in L.A. that does the same thing and I love all there stuff they redo. I have spend more than my share at these amazing junk stores!

It's definately unique design but I love it.