Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Color of the Day

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I'm not sure when my love affair with the color orange began but I do remember hating the color growing up. It was the color I never wanted to be and would never have bought or worn it even in desparation. I used to even make fun of my sister in law because she loved the color orange above all in the color wheel.
Now...I choose 'poppy' more times than not and even have the cutest sweatshirt I sport around in outside of hunting season. I'm even considered an orange couch, and orange wall, or do have orange pillows. It's just sporty and I feel myself reverting to the 1960's. Am I the only one who finds an unusually fascination with this color or is the irony of previous judgements coming to haunt me. Whatever it is.....I'm sure enjoying it while it lasts.
In my excitement about orange I even found a fun blog entitled How About Orange. Click for fun and crafts!


Fern said...

Your not alone: Josh is an orange freak. I tease him all the time!

MJ said...

Dori I don't like orange or any tones therein, but Rex really likes them. His house before me had orange carpet. Yuck.
I stay away from orange and browns in clothing and makeup. But like browns in my house. See Yah, MJ

Julie Walker said...

just don't buy one of those HORRIBLE orange (copper) cars. hopefully this is just a phase.

Cat said...

I've been reading that blog for a while a I really like how she uses orange... My room was painted orange when I was about 12 (circa 1982)... things do go in circles!