Monday, March 2, 2009

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Monday Morning and I'm already feeling like it's a good week! I've been searching for couches and finding all sorts of more design I'm falling in love with. My house doesn't have a fireplace and I always find that the focal point that is supposed to be in the living not. The room is plain and the way the builder put in the tv and cable plugs forces you to to have a focal point the the least obvious of spots.

The solution is a mantel of sorts. Below the picture is just that, adding character with no function.

I'm torn. I like the idea but not sure about the whole thing. Of course the mantel I would choose would not be traditional in any sense of the word but I found myself so excited that I've detoured my couch hunt on to junk and antique stores. I'm still not sure about the useless item but if I find the right piece of ugly wood...I'm in. I'll be sure to post a picture when I find it.


Karynn said...

I like it, though I would have to fill it with something. The picture you posted is perfect, but in my house I would have to have a plant or giant candle or candelabra or SOMETHING in that very empty space, though I am not nick-knacky at all. I love my "white space" and I have plenty of it.