Friday, April 25, 2008


Posted by Dori Nottingham

I totally have been slacking this week on everything. I have though been in touch with an agent about writing so in that one sense, I've been productive. This morning while walking and listening to Oprah's Career building podcast I heard something that resonated with me. A woman was talking and she said how she just feels like the wind has been taken out of her sails. A cliche yes, but that could 100% describe me this last week. I basically was not blowing in the right direction and maybe just standing still.

There is always wind. Sometimes it's just a gentle breeze and other times torrential and ferocious. I don't sail but I know you always have to work with the wind instead of against it. Sometimes we fight so hard against it that when it's no longer blowing we still have no energy. We need to get out of the rut we are in...and if you're not in one now you've either been in one or will so in the future. This life has many demands on us and I'm going to explore what it takes to get myself out of the one I'm in. I'm sure it will take me a little bit but I hope you'll be patient, give me ideas and follow me on my adventure so the wind will be the rush and exhilaration I know that it can be.


Fern said...

It's so true. I find that my attitude changes day to day. I never really know what mood I'll be in one day to the next. I strongly think it has to do with hormones, but I also agree that we can decide whether we stay in the rut, or continue to move forward. Even if slowly, move forward until you feel like moving with the wind.
You always have such great analogies... keep up the deep thoughts!