Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Thing for the Day

Posted by Dori Nottingham

When I was in college I had a bouncy smiley roommate. You know the kind of girl who was just a little too much over the top cute! She would smile and hug almost everybody that she met. Me, with and all my college intellectualism, would just roll me eyes in disgust. Her cheerful 'hellos' and the amount of boys visiting her were enough to drive the anti-socialist crazy.

As I got to know her she become a great friend and I realized her true sincerity and her talent that she possessed. Giving a smiling to every passing stranger is a hard thing to do and giving a hug is beyond the call of duty. Her friendliness was always appreciated and she could really warm up to anyone at anytime. (even her judgemental roommate) Since that time I have really tried to step it up a notch and get out of my comfort zone. It came so easy for my friend but I truly try hard to do so. Though I haven't overcome my own shyness in salutations I have made great leaps and bounds and it is 100% rewarding. You never know how a smile may effect someone. Some may say that it isn't an act of service but I would disagree. Today my small goal for improving the world is just a smile. But it might bring back the wind in the right direction.

Maybe I should put it off and bleach my teeth first. Excuses Excuses!!