Friday, April 18, 2008

Movie Night Friday

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So my brother sent me this e-mail. This is all it said.

Hey there, we watched a movie the other night called August Rush. It’s not a bad movie to see. Only PG and a little about music.

Now, I realize that my brother may be a man of little words and little enthusiasm so I assumed that he meant that this was a good and worthy movie to see. Or did he just mean it's not a bad movie to see. You know, like a star trek movie or something. They are not bad....but do you really want to watch them?

But I realized who I was talking about and that maybe he was just too cool to come out and say what he felt so I decided to rent it. My thoughts are this. It's not a bad movie to see. It's all about where you place your emphasis here folks...In other words. It's a good movie. It is interesting. Totally different than your same old same old predictable movie. And if you appreciate music than you would probably appreciate it as well. At the end I was very moved and overcome with emotional. Hormones...Maybe. I cry at anything really that's touching. But overall I'd say it was worth it. A good movie, uplifting, and not in the same category as Star Trek.


hsjacobus said...

Would this be one for kids?