Monday, May 25, 2009

Breast Cancer

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I received a pink carnation on Friday! Can you guess why? Maybe it's standard practice but I received my first mammogram. Yes it was in fact a breast cancer scare with three days running from doctors appointments, ultrasounds and biopsies but the good news everything was all negative. As my doctor said, squish a boob, save a life!

My mom had breast cancer at a fairly young age and I think that is what sent the troops running but I'm very grateful all was well. It made me think of all the research and fundraising that goes on for Breast Cancer Research. Such a noble cause that I hope we're narrowing in on.

Another sign in my Doctors office........Yes these are fake!! My real ones tried to kill me.


Anonymous said...

So glad everything is OK! Breast Cancer is nothing to mess with....

MJ said...

Yes, squish is good.
I'm glad all is well.

Cat said...

I would have thought that since your mom had it, the docs would be following you closely with yearly mammograms. It wasn't the case?
Happy all is OK!