Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Detox. Detox, Detox

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Eating is such a mental game. At least for me it is. Right now is the first day of my Nine Day detox with Isagenix. I started at 8am and at 8:15 I was craving all the things I know I will be cutting out of my diet. I definately will have to focus on how good I will feel after I'm done. I always have more energy, don't crave sugar, and did I mention the best after effect....Losing Weight. At 9am I watched Martha Stewart and she made a Dolly Madison cake and I decided that was the first thing I was going to make on day 10.

I've made it through before but this time I have such determination. Getting fit and feeling great is my end goal and I know I can make it. (and yes this blog entry was a total self affrimation )


hsjacobus said...

I haven't so much been detoxing as just trying to be good about what I eat and exercise. Then I fell off the wagon a couple weeks ago and with the birthday party stuff and everything being crazy busy I have not been a good girl and got back on. I'm going to though, today! Good job on yours and good luck!:)