Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life and Death

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So my brother recently sent my a link to a video he thought was good. His e-mail said "something to blog about". I had seen the video before but thought out of respect for my older brother, I'd do what he said :) Many of you have probably seen it before as well, however it's been a while since it was on Oprah and it's really touching. It makes you think about the things that really are important.

Stephen Covey wrote in one of his books (paraphrasing the Dori way) that in order to live your best life you need to write the eulogy for your own funeral. If your life isn't in line with your ideal eulogy then you would change your life accordingly. If we only had a limited time to live, what would you change about yourself?


hsjacobus said...

Wow, you find some of the most amazing things. This is a great talk. It makes answers in some ways the question of whether you would want time to prepare for the inevitable or not.