Monday, March 1, 2010

Developing Talent 101

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So for a while now I've been missing my mom.  All the things she knew and that made her so talented.  Ever since I was young she slowly has been slipping away little by little with the early onset of Alzheimer's.  I wish she was there no teach me all that she was.  First being, that she was an excellent cook.  Not a good cook, not a trained chef but rather just a perfectionist in the kitchen.  She could do it right and everybody knew it.  Her award winning baking skills and the trophies still line her kitchen even though she is not there. 

In trying to discover my talents and now being at an age where I wish she would impart her knowledge, I find myself alone in my endeavour.  I don't want to settle for mediocre in the kitchen and I know there is a foundation in me somewhere despite that no walls have ever been built.  My new obsession is  PBS on Saturdays Mornings for their famed cooking shows.  My new favorite.....America's Test Kitchen.  

While it's not the cheapest (or calorie free I might add) talent to develop, it is one I've decided to build.  I've spend money buying 'dutch processed cocoa', unsalted butter and new and improved cooking tools.  But the good news is this.  I've found some awesome recipes and have skills I know my mother would be proud of.  While she's not there to teach me it's in her memory that I do it.  I now think of her, every time I'm in the kitchen.  I hope to pass it on to the next generation as well

So in other'll see an influx of recipes on Hunky Dori. 


Sorry to hear that about your mom. Alzheimers is such an unfair condition. I wish you lots of luck in the kitchen...its definitely not my strong point unless it involves bread and/or dessert. :)

Julie Walker said...

you rock. we haven't talked in weeks. that sucks. i'll call you soon.