Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Winners Never Cheat

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I always think insight that other people have is so very interesting. Maybe that is why I blog on some level. I recently read this book by Jon Huntsman (He's a very successful business man, emphasizing very) and thought it was actually really good. It's not circulating in the bookstores heavily but it is definitely worth the read if you find it or choose to buy it. He is a true philanthropist and 100% of the profits go to a worthy organization. It's an easy read, a feel good book and really does make you bring hope about mankind and its values. The book review by publishers weekly sums it up much better than I do so I'll post it below. Great success can be brought through honesty and integrity

This year, Huntsman took his multibillion dollar eponymous petrochemical company public, pushing him even higher on the upper tiers of Forbes's wealthiest list. This little book is structured around old-school aphorisms ("Play by the Rules"; "Check Your Moral Compass") from which Huntsman draws an informal moral code. King's foreword touches on the big picture: Huntsman's unremarkable beginnings, his scholarship to Wharton, his founding and stewarding of Huntsman Chemical, his giant Salt Lake City home and his philanthropy-as well as Huntsman's struggles with cancer, and the family members he has lost to the disease. Huntsman's own chapters include mild rants against lawyers, the story of his son's "successful 2004 campaign for governor" of Nevada, tales of his other eight children, their travels, business deals and the role of prayer in their lives. Prescriptive but digressive, Huntsman's book feels a lot like a long, informal speech to a graduating class.


hsjacobus said...

Sounds like a good read.