Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Useful tip #2

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So has this happened to you before? There are so many candles on a birthday cake that you can't light them with one match. This happened to me on my husbands 40th. One match didn't work and then the candle I picked up to light the rest dripped wax everywhere. Using a long match (like my grandmother always had around her house) works but I find that they tend to burn and break in half.....and plus.....who has long matches on hand.

Situation solved. Use spaghetti. It works great and I even tested it. It even works well in those hard to reach voltives that you can't easily get too. It's amazing so I thought I'd share. After all, we are all geting older aren't we :)


Tracey said...

Cool tip! I'd never heard of that one before. Thanks

Fern said...

Eating wax on your piece of cake is all part of the birthday experience! Wow, I remeber sharing Matt's birthday with you guys last year ... time sure goes by fast! Wish we could've been there this year.
By the way, I got the wicked awesome salsa yesterday! Thanks!

hsjacobus said...

That is a great tip. How does it smell to light spaghetti on fire though?