Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Longing for the Past

Posted by Dori Nottingham

When I was growing up my mom was a great stewardess of health. We ate whole wheat bread, alfalfa sprouts and longed for our friends’ bologna sandwiches. She outlawed sugar cereals and ground wheat and oats for breakfast. I appreciate what she did now however growing up, I sure did crave anything processed.

Occasionally she would buy a treat that made us giddy with excitement. One of these was Thomas’ English muffins. Oh how we loved the nooks and crannies smeared with butter and jelly. The taste of these is so fresh in my mind.

I recently bought these and stuck one in the toaster. Now, I have made my grandmothers cupcakes, my dad’s chili, and the cookie recipe from my neighbor and they all taste exactly how I remember. They bring back the memories of youth and happiness returns for those scrumptious moments. However when I bit into this English muffin I was sourly disappointed. Much to my dismay, it tasted bland. There was no flavor, no delight, and did not resemble anything of what I remember. How could this be…..did they change the recipe? Did they sell out for mass productions on seven continents? Did they outsource to Springfield?

I feel like something is lost now. I wander aimlessly looking for the flavor of goodness. One more thing that takes my youth away. I walk the supermarket aisles and cast and longing glance in their direction. It’s not worth it I say. I cannot bring back my youth.


hsjacobus said...

Maybe I can help you find it again. They are suprisingly easy to make and "Good Eats" did a whole show on them. Go to and type in english muffins and I bet the "Good Eats" episode comes up. If you do it you have to post about it again and tell me how they turned out;)

You are AWSOME! I totally get where you are comming from... Your post made me smile.