Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Simplying Life

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Do you ever read the articles in magazines that tell you all about the product you need to make your life better. For example, my biggest frustration is the cosmetic/skin care clips. They say how soft this lotion will make your skin...and how this lipstick stays on without smudging. It drives me crazy because it is all marketing. I used to work for a skin care company and they would send products and press releases out like no other in hopes of receiving a blurb in a magazine. Doesn't really mean it's the best but maybe a relationship was established in the company via the free merchandise.

I'm on this new kick to simplify my life. To rid myself of clutter, get rid of the unwanted and unused junk in my life and streamline everything. So far, I love it. I choose one thing everyday to tackle. The hardest part about it is throwing out items I've spend money on or things I know to have value. Like the conditioner I bought for my hair eight years ago that cost $30 bucks. I hated it and stopped using it and moved on to the next one that more than likely is still sitting in my cupboard.

However I've come to a conclusion. I've already made the decision I want less in my life, so I guess that means ......I want to want less.......I need to need less.......I choose to choose less. All in the name of simplifying my life. In turn, I guess I truly would save money with all the unwanted, unneeded, unchoosen, material in my life. It will make me happier. Being simple that is. Knowing that I already have my favorite lip balm (minus the spf) and despite all the different ones I've bought throughout my life, I still come back to my trusted carmex....and I truly can't remember when I read in a magazine that carmex was the most hip or deserving of lip smackin' delight.


Tracey said...

Have you heard of She has a great program for getting rid of stuff. Every week there is a room you work on decluttering and each day there is a mission- for example yesterday was "sofa diving", then every once in awhile she has a "Superfling boogie" where you actually post your pounds of clutter disposed of. Anyway.. it is really a fun site and decluttering system. But my favorite is the song you are supposed to sing as you finally get rid of those things that are cluttering your life... "Please release me, let me go, for I don't love you any more..." It works! It actually makes me smile to do this and throw things away (which by the way is VERY hard for me- I am a clutter bug AND a piler (is that a word?-- I like to pile things up) :-)

hsjacobus said...

Ah, yes she has because she told me about it when she and I served in YW together:)

Think of the song...
"Please release me, let me go..." qouted regularly on

Speaking of which I'm off to deal with Mt. FoldMore:)