Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's finally here......

Posted by Unknown

Well today is the day. It is the last day before I post the winner of the free give away. I'm very excited and currently everybody has about a 10% chance of winning. I'd say those were good odds. I'd be stoked if I won but truly I more than likely would be disqualified. The product is being given away by SPRIGGY and COMPANY however their website is experiencing technical difficulty. Okay...the truth..Spriggy's website was hacked into and there is weird arabic writing on many of the order pages. I totally unprofessional. They currently are working on it but it still doesn't mean it's not a great company where you can get great deals this time of year due to their INVENTORY CLEARANCE. For more information contact
Enjoy and remember I am posting the winner tomorrow and you must respond by Sunday night to claim your prize. FUN FUN FUN!!