Monday, January 28, 2008

The vote is in

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Well the poll has closed and we have the results. The first give-away will be........(mental drum roll please ).........Stonewall Kitchen Salsa!! If you never have had it before you're in for a treat if you're the winner. It beats Pace Picante Sauce hands over fist and once you try it you will be thinking about it every time you're in a specialty foods store. It retails for $6.95 and can be yours for free. No strings attached. I'm not sure how accurate the poll results were and I'm looking into it. Thank goodness there were no 'hanging chads' but I believe voter corruption might have occurred coming out of California. (I have a brother who is one of those people who cannot stop thinking about his salsa) I'm looking into the situation but as it will stay this Stonewall Kitchen Salsa from Spriggy and Company is free give-way.

*Remember for the first giveaway just leave a comment in one post regarding the topic. For example...Your favorite movie and link, your blog address, or even your thoughts regarding this totally awesome free give away from Spriggy and Company. Check back to see if your name is posted on the 31st and email me with your info to receive the mailing. You must contact me to qualify. I will not, repeat, not hunt you down.


cam'zant said...

Dori, I tried to post a comment about the pumpkin pancakes that are so absolutely wonderfully delicious but my computer froze each time I clicked on the comment spot on that post. Hmmmmm.... So here I am. Yea for the salsa, terriffic about the poem, and try Ether 12:4. It just hit me in the head the other night. This was supposed to be much more lengthy and profound. However, seeing as how I have put it off for a week already,this is all you get. Love you tons. Later.

Tracey said...

Mmmm, haven't tride their salsa, but I am a Stonewall Kitchen fan (they are from NH after all :D) Where do you buy it around here (with a good selection)?

Tracey said...

Honestly the "tride" was a typo, I really don't spell it that way! Oops.

brittany said...

oh pick me! i love salsa and trying new kinds. plus ryan and the girls love it too, it's one of the few foods we can all enjoy.