Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Useful idea #1

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So I was at the rec center yesterday and I grabbed a magazine to read while on the tread mill. I really hate forgetting my ipod or my own reading material and cringe when I think of the thumbed through, virus infested expired magazines, sitting there for all to enjoy. However, much to my dislike of the idea, the thought of boredom during my workout far out weighed my options.

I grabbed a couple of magazines. One happened to be Real Simple magazine and as I thumbed through it, I ran across some great ideas for everyday things. I was so impressed that I came home to try them to see if they could actually be viable options.
One was the idea of putting your grocery bags in an old tissue box. Even though I've started bringing my own bags to the grocery store, you still somehow end of with a million of these bags. Just like Easter grass, these bags totally reproduce themselves and inevitably take over your space.
Yes, I understand that you can buy an overpriced good looking stainless bag holder for your pantry or you can just recycle this item. Put it under your sink for those special occasions, like when you need something to put your wet swimsuit in. I have been using a quaker oatmeal container (the round canister) and using that and just adopted the new innovation, (after I read the article), to cut a slot out of the top to pull the bags through for easy access. To go even farther with the idea, as Martha Stewart would, buy some coordinating scrapbook paper.....and voile.......an inexpensive good looking bag holder for you pantry. How smart is that.
I'm a simple person so I'm totally impressed with stuff like this. My excitement is what makes me a dork I guess. But it's totally HUNKY DORI.


Tracey said...

Good idea! My bags are just shoved in a drawer in my kitchen :-(

Fern said...

Real Simple is one of the only truly usefull magazines out there!
I love the "simplifying your life" idea! It seems like it is a continual process. Why is it that people can accumulate stuff so easily but getting rid of stuff is so hard? One thing is for sure: once you get into the simplifying stage, it's easier to have an unmaterialistic outlook on life! Good for you!

hsjacobus said...

Ooh perfect. I always use one bag to hold my bags, but it's not very pretty. Plus this being more solid and stackable makes it real nice for putting in a drawer or something. Thanks Dori!