Thursday, October 30, 2008

Imagine all the Apples

Posted by Dori Nottingham

In my quest for becoming resourceful we went to a local orchard......or should I say a forgotten orchard. It was a thriving orchard in the 1940's and since has been subdivided into smaller acreage properties. The whole thing about this orchard is that I don't think any of the homeowners maintain their trees! There were hundreds or trees that have been abandoned with thousands of apples everywhere. My mind went to work with what I could do with them.
I dehydrated about 50 (thank you to my apple peeler for doing all the work) and have pies planned for different people. I'm not no much into canning so apple sauce isn't a priority. I feel like I'm the keeper of the apples and need to not let such a valuable resource go to waste. They are so good and just too many to pick myself.
Organic apples anyone? What should I do?


Fern said...

You could gather them all up (even the imperfect ones too) and take them to a nearby press and have cider made. I had a friend who just took 40 boxes of apples and got 60 or so gallons of cider... yum!
I agree with you... it's shame to see good apples go to waste!
Other ideas: Apple muffins, bread, jam, fruit leather, pie filling...

tracey said...

The waste would kill me as well. I know my mother in law has grapefruit trees on her property and a local non-profit comes out and picks them on a regular basis while they are in season and takes them to a food pantry of sorts where they give them to people in need or "trade them" for other supplies they need. I thought it was a cool program.

So sad! The food banks are having shortages! Love the non-profit idea. See if someone will come collect the red gold!