Friday, January 25, 2008

A Poem of Laughter and Love

Posted by Dori Nottingham

My dad is a wonderful guy. He has many admirable attributes that the common man does not. He is compassionate, forgiving, easy going, and smart. One thing however, he is not to be mistaken for a good poet, or speller for that matter. He'll correct your spelling all day long, but really doesn't have the time (he is a busy man) to be bothered with anything other than phonetics. :)

Recently when I told my family about my new blog my dad decided to change my tag line. Now please understand that the following poem doesn't necessarily flow that well. But considering my dad sat down to type it with two fingers makes me laugh and smile as it touched my heart.

Half full,
Bottom heavy
With clothes to pull
U R very nervy
But no bull
U still R curvy
Not to be surly
But really very pretty

Here are a few tips
take a few sips
It will reduce those hips
And there will be those dips

Mother so kind
Don’t get in a bind
When things seem dim
Don’t forget the Gym

Sometimes it doesn't matter what the poem said but rather the time someone took in writing it. Thank you dad....It means a lot.


hsjacobus said...

This was fun to read:)