Thursday, January 24, 2008

Music for the Mind

Posted by Dori Nottingham

My first year in college my mother sent me a CD entitled Mozart makes you smarter. I cherished gifts from my mother because since her car accident in 1990 her memory had faded and things have never been the same. I listened to this CD every time I crammed for big exams. It truly seemed to help and I believe that album is what got me through my organic chemistry.

Her being a Music Major and an accomplished musician, we grew up around all types of music. She had an appreciation for classical, rock&roll and even some opera mixed in occasionally. She had planted in me something that I will forever be thankful for.

It's amazing how the music can set your mood. Peaceful music can make you calm while upbeat music can bring excitement. It effects our bodies and souls like nothing else. It can influence us for good and for evil.

I've longed to have a piano in my home. To bring back the music and melodies from the past. I love visiting my mother even though her Alzheimer's has taken her ability to understand how to read or remember any music she still has the gift to play random melodies. It brings peace and comfort to me and even though it's not Mozart or Chopin or anything else I grew up with, they certainly are my favorite melodies.


ktb said...

My mom has Alzheimer's too.

Fern said...

I truly believe that music calms the savage beast!
What a touching story. Isn't it amazing when we think we know someone, and then read their blog entries and realize that there is so much more to know!