Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Favorite Baby Toy

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I have a son who is currently 9 months old. He is my first and I've learned quickly how he loves the typical 'boy' stuff. Balls, wheels, gears..and all the mechanics of his toys. It's amazing how he will flip over the toys just to find the ball bearing that is rolling it around and can be happy for hours rolling it with his index finger......or at least 15 minutes.

We have found the best toy. We bought it a few months ago and not only is his favorite but it is my favorite toy as well. The BUSY BALL POPPER from Fisher Price is just awesome and I 100% recommend it. He adores this toy and it is thoroughly entertaining for all. We've had other kids over who are older and they get a kick out of it as well.(and they range in age up to 65+.) Since my experience is just with my little boy I'm not sure if little girls would be as attracted to it also, but I'm guessing because of the excitement and activity it draws, they would.

The price is right. I picked it up at Wal-Mart for just under $20. Yes, I have now revealed that I shop at the corporate big box giant that most people hate, but hey, this girls gotta get by.


Tracey said...

Not many other places to shop in this town anyway! Didn't know you were a blogger. Looking forward to your posts
-Fellow voyeur :D