Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Turmoil

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I had weird dreams last night and am starting my morning feeling ________!  I truly can't think of the word I feel or a way to describe it.  Maybe it's because I dreamt about Angela Lansbury, cruise ships, and Tupperware factories all in one night.   It's hard to get motivated when  I'm overwhelmed and under excited.  Is there a word for that?  I guess I'll start with my 'TO DO' list.  And then I'll move to my decluttering project.  An eternal process.   Have I mentioned how much I hate paper and how it reproduces before my eyes.  I've taken many tools I've learned from Zenhabits.net  and its helped tremendously.  Slowly but surely I'm sure I'll get there.  After all, Zoom woke up and must have dreamt about Spiderman because he wanted to watch the movie at seven am.  That's two hours of free time.  I must get going.


Julie Walker said...

LOVE this post. so funny about your dreams.

Overwhelmed and under excited = mentally shut down. I totally get that way sometimes....Good luck with it!