Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sale at Potterybarn

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I have bought some great things at PotteryBarn for dirt cheap. I guess that is the benefit of a true corporate, mass producing mercantile. When they need to get rid of something, they just blow it out.

I had been eyeing a rug for a while that was $299. I thought it would perfect in my kitchen to match my not so inexpensive rug in my living room. However, I just couldn't fathom paying with money I didn't have for something I would have spilt milk, left over food, and what other unknown substances that my son with tediously put on it the very first day.

But to my surprise while walking into PotteryBarn, I found it....on clearance at what a screaming deal! It was not only within reach it was ridiculously stupid not to buy. I didn't even pass go and went straight to the checkout. The sales person so boredly said, It's discontinued and we have to get rid of it. Well thank you Potterybarn. I'll take my coveted rug for only $40! How can you beat that for 5x7. That's cheaper than the plastic I was going to wrap around my entire house it. I say it's the best protection I can buy. And it's adorable in my antique kitchen ta'boot.


Julie Walker said...

you should have picked me up one too and sent me a bill. good find!