Monday, August 10, 2009

New goal, new long will it last.

Posted by Dori Nottingham

This morning my son came and got in bed with me at 6:30am. He usually isn't up that early and instead of taking advantage of the morning and going running before the heat of the day begins(that's my excuse to not go running), I stayed in bed and snuggled until jumping on my head turned out to be a more exciting activity for him to do. I soon did get out of bed and did go for a run. It was nice and truly pleasant to be out so early. I realized that I have been using him as my excuse (of which he is a great and legitimate one) to be lazy. He's not up so therefore I can't have my morning the way I want.
Yes, kids mean adjustment but there is several things I can do to keep to a schedule. Here's my new goal after I got back from my run. It requires sacrifice of course or the self discipline to go to bed earlier.

1. Wake up at 6:00 - this usually isn't hard for me but going to bed late really kicks me in the tush.
2. Have myself a little morning devotional - He's asleep so it's the perfect time to read and meditate.
3. Plan my day and write my blog. Something that always makes me more productive and motivated.
4. Await the rising of the child.....and then go for a run.

Sounds pretty easy right. So it shouldn't be a problem. What else should be on my 6:00 list? I'll let you think about that while I go set my alarm.......assuming that I'll have extra time after my ten minutes of activities.


MJ said...

Hay, I go for my walk every morning at 6 am with Princess, so I will be thinking of you. Glad you are home and hope your stay in Calf. was wonderful.

Julie Walker said...

Good for you. Try to make it until Wednesday. Then next week try till Thursday. You're awesome.