Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Planting Time

Posted by Dori Nottingham

The weather man said that official you can plant a garden without the frost getting to it. Hooray! I'm excited and ready to have have fruits and vegetables from my garden for the first time in years. Of course tomatoes and peppers for summer salsa and sugar snap peas. Zucchini, and pumpkins are a must but I'm not sure what else to do! (my garden will be small). If I were going to dedicate a small plot in my yard, even maybe containers what should I put in it.........all the options keeps me delirious with hope.


Anonymous said...

go to squarefootgardening.com and see his container gardens. Super easy to make and inexpensive too. We made a 3x3 box for our first attempt at gardening and are waiting (impatiently) for the green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, and green onions! Good luck.