Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water Conservation

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So I found this item from a company based out of Australia. The company Ripple is a company focusing on water conservation and the management of good old H2O. Their statistics state that 30 % of our water that we use in our home goes directly to the feel good moments under the shower head.

They recommend you take a four minute shower to cut down on the use of water. That's on average 9 gallons of water. I am all for conservation but I have to admit I am selfish in the shower. Don't get me wrong, I will turn off the water while I brush my teeth, bucket out the water in my son's pool to water plants, but heavens no do I think about the water I'm consuming while I'm in the shower. It's not to say I don't feel guilty (that's why I'll turn it off when I shave my legs) but that is my time. My personal escape from life. Where I can stand and absolutely do nothing but think about how good the water feels, especially in the winter months.

It's a good product overall especially if your house if overfilled with water hogging people and small water heaters for sure. They come in tons of different styles and colors and of course are waterproof and steam proof. This retail for $19.95 and are 100% ecoconscience.

This is my only question for you. If the company has a goal of cutting down on water use in the shower with 4 minutes a person. How come the timer is set for over twenty? Now that is my kind of shower.


tracey said...

I too love a long shower. This might be good for my hot water hog children though, so that I can hog more water for me!!

Fern said...

Good point!

hsjacobus said...

I'm with you, but it is something I've thought about too and thought well maybe if I just have my nice long moment one only once a week that would be better. It's a hard thing to give up though.