Monday, March 30, 2009

DIY Makeover Chair

Posted by Unknown

I had bought this chair 10 years ago at a thrift store. At that time I painted it black and put a seat cusion on it. During my move this chair miraculously showed up again though I had left it for Goodwill. However I decided to do the chair makeover that is all the rage across the blogs. I have to admit that I love it and it is way easier than I ever expected.


Karynn said...

Oh my gosh I love it, too! Where did you find that amazing fabric? Did you spray paint the chair or paint it with a brush?

Dori said...

If I thought the chair was of any actually quality I would have painted it with a brush and still might do it but I just spray painted the whole thing. I then found the cutest fabric store and stapled the fabric on. The most time consuming thing was just cruising through the fabric store. So much fun that was...I wish I knew how to sew to utilize all fun fabrics! This one was a Amy Butler poly.