Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Yesterday I was so excited to get my hair done. It had been a while and I hadn't really loved my cut before so off I went. Since new to the area I didn't know who to go to so went to a familiar salon.

All was good and I received a cute cute and really really bad color. I told her I didn't want bleach......and she called it "decolorizer". I told her I wanted my hair lighter around my hair line and she called every follicle a hairline. I told her I wanted copper or carmel color at the lightest but I feel like I'm blonde. I dumb blonde...a blonde who trusted a stranger to understand my language and level of hair knowledge. My intereptration of highlights was a full blown weave for her.

I cried last night over hair!! I can't look at myself in the mirror today. And at exactly 9:00am less then 12 hours after hair disaster number 1, I have called to set a new appointment.

My question always remained the same. Do you trust the same girl to do your hair right when we didn't do it right the first time? Is it all a learning curve for her but yet the tears lay on my shoulders.

Long story short.....she's the cheapest because she will do it again for free. Am I wrong on this or is this how it's done. I'm new to the whole color, style, but not parting (thank goodness) of hair


Karynn said...

NO - you don't trust the same girl. One question - is her hair cute? Is it anywhere near what you would wear for yourself? I look for hairstylists who have a similar cut/style/color to what I want. Of course, I'm limited in my small little town, but it seems to work.

Could you get your $ or part of it back and find someone else? I'm not brave enough to do that, but maybe you are!?!

Gosh, good luck. I bet you look amazing and it's just a big change so you're not used to it.

Cat said...

I can't wait to hear how it went... please let us know!

Anonymous said...

there is nothing worse for a girl than a hair disaster! Thankfully, you got it fixed and as a bonus it was free...the question is now will you stick with this hairdresser or count your blessings that she fixed it but move on to someone else?