Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Posted by Unknown

The good news is that I did exercise yesterday! Hard even until my face was purple. The bad news is.....today I am having a hard time believing I'm not in my 80's. I'm hobbling around like and old lady. I know I haven't exercised for about 3 weeks but I feel like it's been three years.

It must be a sign of age that I get out of shape so quickly or that just a few weeks will bring the pain back so easily. After my baby it took months of working out to not feel like death. It was so hard to be able to run a few miles. Now I can run the miles but I feel like this.

Maybe the goal is to pretend like I'm not in shape when I got out to conquer the world. I might feel better the next day :)


Fern said...

I feel your pain! Oh, do I feel your pain... in every muscle (make that: NONmuscle) in my body! I can hardly move today, either!

hsjacobus said...

I'm with Fern I so feel your pain! Why can't we bounce back like we did in the 'ole days?!