Friday, January 30, 2009

Posted by Dori Nottingham

It's Friday and the weekend's are always nice. Enjoy watching the Super Bowl if you do while I take back my new computer to the store. Yes, my new computer! Hopefully the replacement won't be as bad of luck for me. Too tragic of tale! Enjoy the weekend.


Fern said...

I tell ya, the quality of products just isn't what it use to be! As things get more advanced the quality gets cheaper. High tech gizmos with inappropriately junky parts! ARGH! (Obviously, I feel very strongly on this issue!)

Karynn said...

Oh no! My new computer is giving me issues too. Dang technology.
Thankfully, though we tried to watch a few minutes of the Super Bowl, we all concur that it is way too boring. Yes, that's right - a house full of males thinks football is boring. They like to PLAY the sports, not watch them. Fine with me...I would rather watch them than the TV.

I have a post coming just for's in response to your alleged pregnancy picture. Oh, you just wait.