Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DIY Wednesday

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Sundance Catalog has these new fun bracelets. They sell for $99 and $130 respectively. The model had on 5 of the white bracelets and it was very cute and classy. For Christmas my sister in law had made a bracelet like these for my nieces for a fifth of the cost. So I went out (because I never have an original idea) and bought beads to make my own. The result......Four white bracelets. Strolling around Park City some poor film maker might have thought I threw down 4 bills for my wrist accessories.

I paid $20 for both strands (the beads were a type of stones so yes a little more expensive but I'm sure you could go even cheaper). I also didn't include a charm. (I was going for the multiple look ;0).

Not to bad for some new fun fashion.


MJ said...

Very Cool.
I made some bracelets with the magnetic stones in them. They are to help with any pain or arthritis you might have. I have had one as a anklet for about three years that I wear all summer. I don't know if they help with pain or arthritis, but a lot a people swear by them. And they look really nice.

hsjacobus said...

Very cute! Now we just need a picture of you modeling those with your favorite outfit;)