Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Growth Charts from Oopsy Daisy

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Here is my growth chart from when I was young. It still hangs on the wall at my parents house in the exact same location in the laundry room. It was always so exciting when my mom measured and we could see for ourselves that we grew. Too Bad now days I can only see myself growing in the opposite direction. :)

Spriggy and company is ordering Growth Charts from Oopsy Daisy fine art. If you are not familiar with their original art and adorable designs than you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the company. I'm sure you've seen their prints in several boutiques across the country. These new growth charts are the perfect way to preserve memories. They can even be personalized for each individual child. Click here to see a diverse selection of the growth charts that can be ordered. If you're interested and don't see what you want let me know and I'll send you a picture of others I think you may be interested in. There are truly so many to choose from.

Everybody who emails me from Hunky Dori will receive a 20% discount on all pre-orders from Spriggy and Company. I'm planning on ordering come mid December. They sell for $40 retail and will be sure to make you smile. Do you have one from your youth?

If you'd like to buy off ebay I currently have the following in stock for immediate shipping. Otherwise....patience is a virtue that we all must possess at some point of our lives.