Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So I have a friend (whose name I will keep anonymous (she lives in Colorado, is running 5.5 miles five times a week, hangs her khaki pants with perfect pleats by the ankles in her closet, and has a good friend named Diego)) and she is one her path to the perfect physique. I'll just call her 'Elaine' to protect her identity to the fullest. She recently asked me how I stay motivated. I scoffed......That is the last word I would describe myself. I'm dreading my early morning run two weeks from now let alone this morning.

One of my favorite catalogs to receive in the mail is Athleta. I'm not sure how I even received the catalog in the first place but truly I do enjoy it and it makes me feel like I belong to a group of motivated and in shape women out there. There is this one model in the magazine named Monica Carlson who is featured in it so much you commit her picture to memory. This last summer while watching American Gladiators (did I just admit that to the entire world) I noticed that she was now a Gladiator and had won the previous years competition. No wonder she is so muscular and fit. She works out 24/7..........and did I mention she has two kids.

Anyway the catalog Athleta has a blog and below is the link to it. I enjoyed some of the articles and thought I'd share. It motivated me to actually find and commit to two 5 or 10K races during the winter season. Yes they cost money but so does a gym membership! Find a friend and sign up for a run or a walk. Get out and enjoy the energy races provide. It's not about winning but rather just being out there and doing. Or like my other friend says......it's all about the tee shirt. So Elaine...this is my goal for the week. No sugar, no chocolate and no cheating. Can you make it one week with me? I take it day by day but certainly I do like the results that follow. Here is the link to the blog

I also enjoyed the article titled run like a mother by Kristina Pinto. Maybe it was just the title :)


Well if we were able to work out for a career, we would look like a Gladiator, too. I'm in for the no chocolate, no sugar and no cheating, but I have to admit it's easy right now since sugar makes me sick during pregnancy. How I ever gain 40, 50 and 60 pounds is beyond me. I crave salad, not junk!