Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Posted by Dori Nottingham

What a great and fun day! Even for Adults. I love going to the grocery store and see the few lone customers who dressed up for the day as well as the evening. It's just fun to see spirit and energy. Of course especially with the kids. Jack-O Lanterns, trunk or treats, spook alleys, and of course Candy. How could you not get excited about the day.

Have a great weekend! Be safe and enjoy October 31st! After all, it only comes once a year.


Maria G. said...

Hi Dori,
Hope you had a Happy Halloween. I just found your note from earlier this month & wanted to say thank you! I feel more inspired to continue writing, (had cut back a bit). I love your blog! What I would do for some of those apples you wrote about earlier. I used to have apple trees & I loved cooking with them, (made pies, cake, cider, apple brown betty, and more). I hope all is well.
Take care.

Here's to a safe Halloween, come and gone. Time for Thanksgiving already?