Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Colors

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Recently at Disneyland I noticed that they had changed every last flower and plant in containers, on pathways, in hedges and garden areas just to match their theme of Halloween and harvest time. Despite the 95 degree heat, you did at some level really think the leaves were falling and that summer had come to an end. It's like placing a pumpkin at your doorstep. It makes you feel warm like there is hot chocolate waiting inside for you after you've jumped in a pile of leaves. An article in Sunset Magazine grabbed my attention and I love the seasonal display of flowers that they recommend. Black and Purple leaves, orange blooms and dried reeds all bring the feeling of the season. Whether it be a bouquet on your dining room table, a container full of reubekkia, or even dried corn stalks adorning your threshold, it's the simple things of the season that make me smile. Although I don't have the resources of Disney it still feels good to get out and do something before the long winter sets in. Don't forget to plant your bulbs in preparation of Spring. Another thing to brighten any ones day that you definitely have to plan in advance for.


Cat said...

I was at Disney in Florida in early September and they had already decorated for Halloween... it looked great! They really do have that magical touch.

I seriously need to plant my bulbs! I say that every year, though. I have two gorgeous alliums that come up every year in my planter. It looks so funny. The rest of the year, it's just a rock bed.