Friday, September 12, 2008

Yeah...It's Friday

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Hello World. As the weekend approaches I find myself trying to have a good day. I would like to have a great day but that might be stretching it just a bit. However today I do announce the winner of the giveaway of the shainsware eco-bracelet from Spriggy and Company!

Just so you know it is a random drawing and I use to generate and integer. The winner of this prize was Ida.

Ida said...
Use it up!Wear it out!Make it do,or do without!Recycling Idea: Stop going to the store and with creativity, find what you are looking for within the walls of your own home.(my first blog..can't find "green".

Please claim your prize by Monday and your eco-bracelet will be mailed to you. Please specify your color choice and voile. Claiming your prize means to shot me an email acknowledging and sending your address.

Hope you enjoy and Have a great Weekend.