Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Posted by Dori Nottingham

The shainsware giveaway will be annouced on Friday! Don't forget to comment on your green idea and you are qualified to win. Claim your prize by Monday. My goal is 25 people so get going and pass the news.

Today as I think about my life and I realize how funny and quirky I am. If someone somewhere is watching me (big brother of whoever would spy on me) they would truly think I was a basket case. I spend so much time wasting time looking for keys...backtracking into buildings....chasing receipts across parking lots and spilling drinks all over myself. Did I used to be like this....No. Not until I had a child. However are all mothers like this or just me? I am so not put together now days and can't seem to get the simplest projects done. I laugh as I wouldn't trade the world for my situation but boy......could I use a personal assistant to make my life easier. Someone to hold my keys (so I don't lose them in the diaper bag), someone to carry a filing cabinet around behind me (easily accessing all my important docs) and someone to basically put my drink into my adult sippy cut I now try to carry. Man......would that be nice.


Fern said...

You are soooo not alone! Today, we missed the bus in the morning... and I forgot to pick the kids up from their bus stop (Belen can't get off the bus without me there) this afternoon. I'm still wearing yesterdays clothes and everything I do is mystically getting undone every time I turn around. What can you do but enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose...
I'm always doing so many things at once that nothing ever actually gets finished! (Which happens to be a pet peeve of mine... but I can only d so much!)
Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so depressing... some days are just better than others let me tell you!