Monday, September 1, 2008

Garage Sale America

Posted by Dori Nottingham

What a great weekend to have a garage sale. I guess Memorial starts the season while labor day might End the season. Whatever it is, who doesn't like cruising through others people junk to find a treasure of their own. I started Saturday it hopes of finding the perfect item. I wasn't looking for anything specific but just something that could be of beauty to me. I followed signs galore and was disappointed that after 10 garage sales I had only bought one item for 50cents (bargained down from $1.00) to just make the purchase of making a purchase. (It was a Toystory action figure for my son). Maybe I couldn't recognize value when I say it but I can definitely say I saw a lot of junk. I mean the kind of junk that you should give away to charity verses try to sell it for a profit. Oh well, I still have one more day of looking. I might hit a better neighborhood. That might have been a huge factor in the quality of junk I am looking for :)