Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last day to register

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I know, my give aways aren't to quick but that will change. But today is the last day to register for the the Stonewall Kitchen Brownies. Only five people have registered so that's a 20% chance to win. Pretty darn good odds I'd say.

If you don't have a google account that's okay too. Just put your name in the comment field under anonymous. Hopefully it will work for you then and I'll count you in.

Have a great day and do something positive.


Julie Walker said...

do something positive....like register to win brownines so that my butt can get even better?

Dana said...

I like brownies. They probably go good with the peaches shown below!

Anonymous said...

I would really like to get registered to win, but not sure how. Is it thru a comment?
Guess Who - MJ