Monday, July 28, 2008

Grammar Girl

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I am not the best of spellers. I will eagerly admit that. With out spell check I would be embarrassing myself left and right. There are two common words that I always misspell. The first being definately. The second being possable or possibly. It's not that I'm dumb but somewhere between all my AP English classes and laziness I developed bad habits. The problem comes when I'm not using a computer to catch it. I've spelled them wrong for so long that I don't even recognize them when they are written wrong. That's definatly not a good thing.

If you haven't heard of Grammar Girl it's a great podcast on it iTunes that's free. Though she doesn't nesiccarily (another word I spell wrong often) help my spelling error she is there for me with common mistakes made in the English language. Weren't we supposed to have conquered all this in the third grade. Oh well...go check her out and watch a clip of her on youtube. (Not to be confused with the Russian boobalicious babe that also gets attention with her spelling and definition vocabulary. Parental Guidance suggested )

I yes.....I spelled grammer wrong when I went to look her up. :) Take her challenge below.


hsjacobus said...

That was fun. I did alright. I'll have to keep trying to get a perfect score:)