Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting the junk out

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Today I'm cleaning out my closet. (and If I'm truly motivated that will be plural). I'm storing all my winter stuff away and giving all the stuff I haven't worn in a while away. It's so hard to get rid of things but truly it has to be done. No keeping stuff for special occasions any more! If I'm not using it and if It's not in good shape it's getting out of my life.

I read on Real Simple this morning 5 steps to organize your closet. It was very good advice but it required spending money to get your closet in order. Not that I don't believe it spending money (because it is one of my favorite past times) but I don't think you really need to go buy yourself into organization. Use what you have and be diligent in keeping things in there place. Even those of us with super duper closet organization still have to hang up their coat.


Fern said...

In my opinion, buying stuff in order to organize is not keeping it simple!
Isn't it amazing how often we need to go through our stuff? Just when you finally get everything in order for one season, the season ends and you have to prepare all over again!