Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I recently was in Mount Vernon Washington. The month of April is their annual tulip festival but luckily I caught the last of the tulips in the beginning on May. I was driving on the 'tulip route' sourly disappointed when I finally came across this farm. I made my heart just leap for joy. I fell in love with some unique tulips. Elizabeth Arden and Queen of the Night were two of my favorite varieties. Someday my whole yard will be adorned with tulips in the spring. After all, they are my favorite flower.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Those Flowers Are Amazing! How Do You Do IT?!

Oh I am with you tulips are my absolute favorite flower and I love love the tulips fields! They have some in Woodburn a bit closer then Mt. Vernon We should go next year. I planted 200 bulbs last year in my yard and was so excited to see them all bloom and what do you know... just as there little heads were poppin up...the deer had a lovely dinner and now I only have dreams of what they could have looked like. Maybe next spring.

hsjacobus said...

Poor Jill. The deer have recently discovered my yard as well. I just found out they have a fertilizer type granule you can get and spread so the deer won't eat your plants.

I love the pictures Dori. I need a place with roses though. Their Wade's favorite. He is very particular about them. They must all be the perfect shade of red and no other.